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déjà 14948 résultats à explorer pour l'été sur! en cherchant immunology, mais 0 avec cytometry!, 1 avec cytomics, 5463 avec hematology, 0 avec leukemia, 41523 avec tuberculosis, 6250 avec assim, 4677 with SFI (strong future international?) , 1208 avec iuis... but many not relevant = intra uterine immunization, 143 avec ICSU (relevant)
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A Network to Promote Clinically Oriented Research in the Field of Tuberculosis in Europe by Sharing and Developing Ideas and Research Protocols

TBNET is a network of mostly European, research oriented clinicians, microbiologists, mycobacteriologists and epidemiologists interested in the field of tuberculosis and mycobacterial diseases. It was founded in 2006 by a self-organised group of pneumologists, epidemiologists and specialists in infectous dieseases in Copenhagen.
The goal of the TBNET is to promote clinically oriented research in the field of tuberculosis in Europe by sharing and developing ideas and research protocols among the members of the network. These goals have been approached by the conduction of observational cohort studies In the future, a clinical database will be established and cohort studies as well as prospective clinical trials will be performed.