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The Wild life of our bodies
The New Plagues

The big necessity

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Flow Cytometry

FLOW CYTOMETRY A basic introduction by Michael G Ormerod

basic immunology

Basic Immunology Exam Notes

My basic immunology exam notes were the first set of basic immunology exam notes here at this medical school that provided a FIRM BASIC UNDERSTANDING of immunology as a science, and put the deeper material of the subject into much needed context. The basic immunology exam notes previously written by other talented students here at this medical school were almost completely devoid of this basic understanding, and this rendered the deeper material contained within their pages almost completely useless for the average medical student. Though the basic knowledge of my basic immunology exam notes were incorporated at the cost of some of the deeper knowledge, this set of exam notes has already rendered several honorary students depicted on the walls of the immunology department.
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HLA complex in Medicine and Biology: A Resourcebook Book Flyer

.... the most comprehensive book on the HLA system covering almost all aspects including general features, history, genetic diversity, specific diseases (autoimmune with type 1 diabetes in particular, infectious, rheumatological and others) and involvement of HLA in organ and hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.