Day of Immunology

The International Day of Immunology is celebrated worldwide every April. The event aims to strengthen public awareness of the importance of the immune system to each person’s health and well being.
Melbourne is a hub for world renowned immunology research. Please join us at the following events to celebrate International Day of Immunology in Victoria.

Specially designed to celebrate this year’s Day of Immunology, this is the first interactive book on the topic to be released on the web.
Throughout the interactive story, everybody can enjoy learning how the immune system protects the body every day against thousands of germs.
Based upon the book “Your Amazing Immune System-How it protects your body”, this interactive version for all audiences presents animations, quizzes, and –very soon- an interactive game to test your knowledge and challenge it against other players!
From individuals to classroom pupils, this interactive tool can be used by all, and we hope you will help to spread it outside the immunological community!
A modern tool produced by EFIS in collaboration with international immunologists and web specialists.
This interactive book is the fruit of collaboration between international immunologists and communication and web specialists. The idea was to develop a fun tool for all audiences, with modern technology, and we hope you will all enjoy it!
Have a great Day of Immunology 2012!

WPI 2012

World PI Week aims to raise the recognition and diagnosis of primary immunodeficiencies (PI) as an increasingly important group of diseases. The World PI Week website will help you drive activities to make a difference by providing the framework, toolkits, including important resources to help to drive and to stimulate efforts and initiatives to improve the recognition, diagnosis, treatment and quality of life of people with PI world-wide.
The first World PI Week was celebrated with success on 22-29 April 2011. This second year campaign will focus on “access to appropriate treatment”. Join the PI week founders and start planning for World PI Week now! 22-29 April 2012.

Trinity college on i-tunes

Immunology Graduate Course from Dublin Trinity College


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